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Hearing aids allow you to:

  • Hear speech more clearly and with less effort in a variety of situations
  • Hear many sounds which were unclear or unheard before
  • Improve communication in social situations
  • Enjoy the sounds of life

Hearing Aids Today

Due to advances in digital technology, hearing aids continue to improve. They can automatically adjust to the environment or can be manually manipulated. They now come in a wider variety of styles. Our office is trained in the latest products, so we are better able to meet your needs and budget. See our Hearing Aid Types page for examples of the shapes and sizes. See our Hearing Aid Brands page for information about our preferred manufacturers.

Advances & Capabilities

Here are some of the advantages in digital hearing aid technology:

  • Improved speech understanding in noise and groups
  • Improved ability to recognize where sound is coming from
  • Improved telephone listening (requires compatible phone)
  • Wireless communication (e.g. bluetooth) with cell phones, televisions, and other devices
  • Improved music programs

Will I Benefit From Hearing Aids?

Yes! If you have a hearing loss, you will benefit from using hearing aids. The degree of benefit depends on many factors:

  • The nature of your hearing loss (type and cause)
  • How long you have waited before doing something about your hearing loss
  • How much usable hearing you have (residual hearing)
  • How much your word recognition ability has been affected
  • Your overall health and family hearing history
  • How well you adapt to change

For additional information about hearing aids, visit our “Hearing Aid FAQS” page.