We will ask for a brief medical history and a detailed ear/hearing history. We will also ask you questions regarding your social interactions as it related to your ears and your hearing. This will help us understand your lifestyle and ultimately make an appropriate recommendation after your hearing test is completed.

Next, we will conduct a physical examination of your ears. Our goal is to look for any obvious problems which may interfere with the testing and/or that might indicate a need for a medical referral.

Hearing Testing

Your hearing test will consist of several parts. For the majority of the test, you will be sitting in a sound-proof booth wearing either a head-set or insert phones. You will be responding to either speech or different sounds throughout the test.

Based upon the test results and medical history, we may do further testing of your middle ear system. This is done using separate ear inserts.

The results will provide us with an overview of your hearing.

Hearing Aid Recommendation

After the evaluation, we will review the results and findings together. We will make our recommendations based upon your test results, medical history, personal expectations and individual needs.

When recommending hearing aids, many different factors are considered. For additional information, check out some of our resources, listed below:

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  • Do you want to regulate the volume of the hearing aid yourself, or would you prefer a hearing aid that adjusts automatically to any hearing situation?
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